Blogging Up The Works

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Flying Visit

Back in the UK for a very swift visit. Two days of babysitting grand-daughter coming to an end and then two days of celebrating the Magnificent M's Big Birthday.

Once again, a visit here is anything but a relaxing holiday!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


So here we are. A month of blogging. Even if much of mine was low quality. So to end I have three questions.

1) Will Brennig be setting another June Blogging challenge.

2) If he does will I do an October one this year so we have three nicely spaced challenges.

3) But more importantly, whatever has happened to people who used to play the saw. You never see them any more.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Homeward Bound

So it's an early night tonight as we need to be up by 7am, which is early for us but no doubt that is later than the rest of you.

I haven't kept a complete tally of what I managed to eat that I can't get in France but it has included scampi twice, pies twice, a korma, pizza hut, some decent sandwiches. We are back in six weeks so I can have some more then although if I've put too much weight on I might have to resist.

I don't think I've done this year's Blogathon justice with the travelling and with one more post to go it won't improve.

Anyway, tomorrow's post will wing it's way to you from a hotel in Bourges.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Janet & John

We went to Waterstones in Kingston yesterday, where I worked for a month one December, and had a nice surprise in as much as they were selling some older books off for a quid. Some had slightly torn dust covers, others were just remainders. We bought four books;
The full scripts of Downton Abbey series 2 for someone as a present.
A thriller by someone neither of us knows but are willing to waste a pound at worst on.
A coffee table book of eclectic recipes which would have cost £35 new, which I wouldn't have paid.
And finally, the scripts from the Janet and John stories off of Terry Wogan's morning show.

I already own two of the cd collections of the stories. If you don't know them they are a wmix of the style of writing of the Janet & John books some of us grew up at school with and good old fashioned British double entendre. Terry read them and often corpsed with tales where various mishaps befell poor old John who would innocently tll his wife Janet how he'd helped the bakers wife to knead her baps and had a quick taste of her muffin. Not quite what you'd expect from Radio 2 but very, very funny. In a schoolboy sort of a way. Which is why I liked it. Even though I no longer am. A schoolboy that is.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Reading Aloud

When I used to drive for a living I'd get fed up of listening to music and talk rdio used to annoy me so I took to listening to audiobooks. In those days they were 12 or 16 cassette long readings of, in my case, mainly crime novels, although I wasn't averse to something of a comedic quality.

A few weeks back it suddenly occurred to me I should do that again when I am driving around and I've had my fill of French Radio. Which is actually longer than you would think. The other time would be when we are driving back. I shall be scourig Amazon etc for some suitable titles but nearly bought a John Grisham audio book today. I reaslised that if we started listening when we left home we would just finish before we reached my Mums in St Albans. I'm not sure we could sustain two full days of listening to a book. Not speaking, not wanting to sing to something which we often do when driving. But maybe we could do one book over the journey there and back?

The downside sometimes with audio book is that the person reading it is wrong. Rather like reading a book and then seeing the film where all the actors are completely wrong to the way you pictured them, the voice of the person reading needs to correspond to the voice you read the book in, or at least one of the characters in the book.

Of course I could download books onto Audible or a.n.other app but when driving I think cd is best.

So now I shall start trawling the sites for something interesting to listen to....

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sigh of Relief

We've been in the UK now for 8 days and we both feel it is time to go home. Too much noise, too much traffic and too much to get on with back home.

Anyway, another reason to go back is to stop eating so much here. We have indeed managed to eat all the different things we miss plus more besides. We now need to go on a diet. Before we left we were talking to a friend who ha been using a technique which she may well have got from one of the big dieting companies. The idea being that one listens for the internal sigh when you have had enough to eat. Sceptical as I was I discovered I do indeed have such a sigh. To do it properly you should only eat when you are hungry and you should stop dead when you have the sigh, even if there is a half full plate in front of you. You can always finish it if you are hungry later. She has lost about a stone since she started just after Christmas and she wasn't exactly large beforehand.

Whilst we haven't stuck to it yet, we have noticed portion sizes getting smaller, (our big mistake). Let's hope the body sizes start getting smaller in the near future!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To Be

I don't know whether this is another one of those things everyone thinks when they get old but kids these days don't seem to care about the past, or it's use for the future.

Let me give you an example....

At the wedding last weekend, due to the rrival of little Poppy, there were four generations of M's family there. And her great uncle had brought a photo with him of himself with M and her two sisters sat in the garden with him when he was in his late teens and they were just small kids. Marj wanted just two photos taken, one of the four generations and one of her great uncle with her three daughters. Could she get one, could she buggery. Trying to get her girls to have a photo taken at a relevant time was impossible. They couldn't fit it in between their drinking at the wedding and their need to bugger off the next morning to go and do something which didn't involve hanging araound a minute longer than necessary. They couldn't see why she wanted these photos. What was so special? What was the point?

In the end, just before they all left M rather through her toys out of her pram, or as much as she ever does, whih comes across as slightly peeved. Two of the three daughters I think had realised that maybe this was something their mother cared about and rang later that day to find out if she was ok a they thought something might have upset her. So she explained, but they still don't get the idea why she would want these photo's. Luckily by chance, I had taken a photo during the reception that had all four generations in it, although it isn't posed, Poppy has her back to us, and it's slightly out of focus as people moved. But at least it is there and we hope one day it will give Poppy a chance to see her Great Great Uncle the first time she met him.

It's funny, with digital photography all three girls take hundreds of photos a year on phones etc, thousands of photos perhaps, but maybe not one will ever be a special photo. They won't be printed, they will just be lost in digital files, never to be seen in 20 years time when someone thinks back, if indeed they ever do. So we are going to print off a few photos each year and out them into an album to give to Poppy when she is 21. Hopefully they will mean something and be special for her. As for M's daughters, I suspect one day they are going to wake up and realise they have nothing physical to remember the past by or at least to jog their memories as to people and events.

How sad.